Friday, May 30, 2008

First day of "Summer"

We set the swimming pool up last night to get warm...
the upstairs neighbors emptied it this
afternoon (i was so mad!!)
So we filled it back up so the
kids could swim!!
At least it made them smile!!!
The emotions of seeing your kids happy
are beyond any other amazing feeling you
could ever experience!!

Schools Out!!

The kids went to their last hour and
a half of school today.
its a bitter sweet morning.
Im bitter because i have no
clue what i am going to do
with them all day for 3 months!
not only are we going to
do it quietly while tanner sleeps?
on the other hand....
6:30 AM!!!!
like i said...bitter sweet!

this summer will be great though.
we have a lot of fun things planned.

So long early mornings,
hello sleeping past 6!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The poll....

Please participate in our
new poll. We would like to
know what you do to


Nature, at whose feet every one who does any gardening must sit and learn,
settled the question ages and ages before mankind began to cultivate flowers,
by creating the annual as the great filler-in of the vegetable world - the finishing
touch to her handiwork.
- Benjamin Goodrich

We have (green) Strawberries!!!
I cant wait to get the tomatoes too!
They are in bloom as you can see below!!

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.
- Lewis Grizzard

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kaydee's Coach pitch practice

Kaydee's waiting to hit the ball.....

Batter up!!!

OOPS!!! see the kid on the right???
he was standing a little to close.
Kaydee swung and hit him with
the bat!!!
she felt horrible!

The Boys T-Ball Practice

Doing their warm up stretches

Levi up to bat!!!

Zack's turn.... he hit the T-Ball stand....
the ball stayed there!!

Catching the ball.....

there are 4 Zacks and 3 Ethans....
gets really confusing!!!!

i think they will really love playing on a
team this summer!! and they are catching on
really fast!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The kids had their dance festival today! it was way cute!!
the theme was
"Dancing through the decades"

Here are a few pics i took

Daddy and Levi waiting for the fun to begin!!

I forced him to look my way lol

Zacky dancing to a song from the 30's

Zacky and his teacher Miss Cottrell

Kaydee and her teacher Mrs Wright

Kaydee danced to a song from the 40's

Gotta love those fake smiles :0)

Even The Teachers Got to dance!!!!

Kiss The Pig Winners!!!
The School Held a fund raiser
and the voted winner got

Monday, May 26, 2008

The End of a Crazy weekend!!!! (post #6)

I have no Idea what he was doing with my Iron...
But It was cute!!
He fell asleep @ about 1 pm right after we
got home from the Cemetery... he must have had
A CRAZY weekend!!!!!

This CRAZY weekend #5


Papa Was REALLY Happy to have us there!!!

Proud to be a part of this family!!

Grams and Papa Heaps

This is where Levi got his name....

Grams and Papa with the Grandkids -1

Papa Is happy Again!!!

All the kiddies

We hope all of you had a happy memorial day!!!!

This weekend #4

Four-wheelin' Kids!!!!

Happy Birthday Jami!!!!

Levi waiting for his turn.....

Koda's MAD!!!

Zack and Dallin..... Best Buds!!!

Taya's having problems.....

Jayden...what a cutie!!!

Kaydee giving Koda a ride!!

Kaydee giving mom one heck of a look!!

Whats the Alarm for?????


Zack was excited to drive!!!

Zack caught some AIR!!!!!

Thanks Mandi & Josh for letting us play!!! We had
a GREAT time!!!

This Weekend # 2

Sunday @ Mandi and Josh's
For Jami's Birthday!!!

Happy 30th Jami !!!!!

Say Cheese!!!!

Look shes Actually smiling!!!

3 Nine Year Old Girls= DRAMA!!!!

Koda Bear

What a face Levi!!!

Zack and Dallin up to no good :0)

'Grams' cheering on the ball game

Play Ball!!!!!