Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey Ya'll its been a while!

So as you can see, Life is NOT even close
to being what it used to be. We miss our old life..
expecially the kids. We do however know
that we will move on and that there are brighter
things in our future. I cant wait! Im tired of being down1!!
*News to be proud of..*
~Kaydee Is in 6th grade now!!!
~Zacky is in 4th!!!
~Levi is in second!!
~I FINALLY got a job (thank GOODNESS)
~the divorce is getting closer to being over!!
Here are a few things that have happened over
the last few months....
Hope you enjoy the fun pics!!!

Brittany & "D"
Get Hitched!!!!
She is SUCH a BeAuTiFuL Bride!!!!!!
This Photo turned out great!!!!
Even in black and white she is stunning!!
Friend Hannah and Sister Brandi
From Left to right:
Taylor, Mom, Bethany and her boyfriend
and Grandma in the front.
My cute little family
The Blushing Bride
The Handsome Goom
Cute photo of Mom and Grandma
these are only a select few of the 200
and something photos i took.
I will be uploading the rest on my photography
Blog when i get the chance. It will be soon though i promise!

Just a cute photo of Grandma and I

Perfect view of the Valley from
the tram in snowbord!
Im in Love with this insrument!!!
KrAzY Guys!!!!!!
Just us Girls....
These are some FUN chicks!!!
The entire Crew!!!!
Most of them Drunk off thier ass....
Derek and I on the Ski Lift.
He is the most amazing men you could ever meet!

These are some cute kids if i do say so myself!!!
Kaydee Is running for student council!!!
Im so proud of her....well all of them of course
they are all my pride and joy!!


Kaydee and Ceenna

And Me......