Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Concert Tour

Waiting (in the freezing cold....for 2 hours....)

for the Bands and the Cullens to Arrive!!!

The girls sportin their "Carlisle"

Autograph..... he touched Kaydees

hand and its smelled like his cologne....

She kept sniffin it throughout the night lol

Fun Face Paints :)

Need I say more??

Nick, Me, Brandi

Cydnee and Kaydee

Yep.... we had fun!!

Halloween was Awesome!

We had a FUN Halloween this Year!

The Kids, My Boyfriend Nick and I went

to the "Richy" part of town to hit the

Motherload haha... we REALLY got way to

much if you ask me!

There was one house that did a fantastic little

Haunted house thing that you had to walk

through to get to the door for candy.

They had a Chainsaw dude and a Zombie guy

crawling on the ground and everything.

Kaydee and Levi got to the door, got the candy and

went to turn around just as the zombie grabbed

Kaydees shoe.... then the Clown Jumped out haha

they were so scared! Zack didnt even make it to the

door before he ducked under the "Caution" Tape

and took off LOL

Nick and I were doubled over in Laughter...

and of course the kids all said

"we werent scared at all"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our BIG Summer Vacation

In August we went on a BIG family

vacation. Vegas, Hoover dam, Grandcanyon

Skywalk are just to name a few of the

places we went. We had a ton of fun

and made alot of memories....

But BOY we were glad to be home!

A week was just alittle too long for

the kiddos....and MOM!!

In the car going through Zions

On the old tiem movie sets in Southern Utah

Kaydee Posing

(we didnt mean to get such a bad shot....)

Kids and I in Vegas on the strip!

Grandma and the kids on the Vegas strip...

Fear the Lion.....RAWR!


In the "Pawn Stars" Pawn shop

the kids were SO excited to be there

The guys werent there so we took a pic

with the next best thing :)

Hoover Dam

Eagle Point in the Grand Canyon

Can you see the Eagle?

We couldnt take cameras on the Skywalk...

this gives you an Idea of what it was though.

4000ft in the air is pretty dang High!!

I was SO PROUD of the kids for being brave

and walking around it with us!!!

Different types of Indian Dwellings

On our way home we stoped at Cove Fort!

Good times and Great memories!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is this kids cute or what?!?!

What an amazing year it was with our

little Ryan!! He brought SO MUCH JOY to

our life! We are so blessed to have had him....
He went to live with his mom about a

week before his first Birthday.

We snagged him to celebrate on the day

of! he was so happy to see all the people

and had so much fun!

Here are a few pics of his cake filled face :)

Before Ryan went to live with his mom we

decided to have some family pics done.

Im posting the ones of him now.. and the rest

on a later blog. He is such a ham for the

camera nad did a great job!

This last pic is a very special one for

our family. Ryan is dressed in an outfit

that my Late brother wore over 40

years ago... Ryan seemed to get in the

spirit and hamed up extra big for this one.