Monday, January 28, 2008

A Few Minor Changes

Can you tell whats different on our Blog??

(be sure to kiss the kids and leave them a message in the kissing booth...its our way of getting them involved with the blog!)

Thanks to our faithful reader(s)

Tanner & Becca

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What's For Dinner???

mmmmmm here's what we had for dinner tonight. a fun and very simple yet very satisfying meal. its a family favorite of ours!


A family pack of your favorite frozen burritos
(you can use tamales as well)

a large can of canned chili

1/4 lb shredded cheese

preheat oven to 375

pack burritos into a cake pan
(may not take entire package)
pour chili over burritos
cook for 30 minutes
spread cheese over top
cook until melted

serve with sour cream and salsa

Cute Reminder To Smile

I think sometimes we just forget.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Years Eve Party.....

My cousin held the Greatest New Eears eve party this year.....we had everything from food to games and lots more....

Drinks and Laughter

Kids gal

Family Bonding........

Even Marker wa

And Levi slept through the chaos....Go figure!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now this is what i call DEVOTION!!!

anonymous comments

I'm not sure who left me the anonymous comment..... but thank you!! just next time put your name at the end so i know who you are!!! lol thanks again!

My New Idea

O.K. i ran out of pics for now..... unless ya'll want older ones of the kids. so heres what im going to do now. a couple of times a week i will post some of my favorite recipes or craft ideas. feel free to use the ones you like. if you have any recipes you would like to request....let me know id be happy to post them for you! Missy, i think you are the only one who ever reads this..... so i guess im talking to you!


1 lb chicken tenders or 3 chicken breasts cut into tenders
*1/3 box "Town House toppers garlic and herb" crackers crushed
*about 2 tbs flour
*red pepper flakes
(*) mix in flat bowl or plate

mix 1 or 2 eggs and some milk in a seperate bowl

cover the bottom of a frying pan with 1/2 inch of oil
dip chicken in egg mix, then in the crackers
fry for about 5 minutes on each side or until golden brown

this is the best fried chicken i have ever tasted! the crackers give it an amazing crunch.....and the flavor is outrageous!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Training Zeus

Crate training Zeus...... *sigh* guess it has to be done. he hates it though. and when i take him outside to potty....he yelps so much because his feet are freezing lol. whimpy dog. guess i have to make my mom knit him some socks (just kidding) this pic makes me sad.....he was whining so much...when i went in to put some laundry in before walking out the door....he just looked at me with those eyes lol. made me sad so i snapped the pic. POOR ZEUS!!

The Utah Flah

Kaydee got Season tickets to the Utah flash. Tanner really enjoys taking her a couple times a week and she really enjoys the one on one time with them. i think its doing wonders for their relationship!! its exciting to me to see them finally bond!! This pic was taken last night at the game. i really wish tanner would smile for the camera!! he seems so mad all the time. guess its the curse of the mean heaps men coming out in him (only joking mom and dad!!) gosh i love him so much!!! i don't know what i would ever do without him!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


2008 its crazy! last year was a hard one for hoping this year will bring some new joys to our lifes!! the kids had a GREAT of course tanner and i did as well!

just wanted to post this pic for now. i laugh every time i see it. it was taken this summer when my cousins and my lil family went camping....ah the good times of summer. i could honestly say that there is a possibility that he was drunk here lol...

hope you all had a great X-Mas and New Year...sorry its teken so long to post something new...i plan to stay on top of it from now on!

Kaydee and Tanner are at the Flash basketball game....the boys are asleep...and its quiet.... i think ill go take a bath and relax a bit....have a great night!!

p.s. i will post pics from christmas and other various activities we did over the holidays at a later date....need to get them developed. hopefully ill get a digital camera here soon!