Monday, February 22, 2010

And again.......


Week one and going strong!!!

I love that my sweet hubby is
doing it right along with me!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Last Few Months.....

WOW!!! 5 months is way to long
to not have access to my blog!!!
Although we have has some tough times
in those 5 months....we have had alot
of fun times as well...and Lucky for
all of you....I had my Camera handy!!!!
here are some fun photos I have taken
over the months!


Brenden turned 3!!!!

Issac (my lil buddy) Turned 1!!!!

Kaydee carving her Pumpkin....she
did this years all pumpkin all be
herself....I was so proud!!!
Zacks face cracks me up in this one!!!
Levi didn't like this part to well
I figured it would be his favorite...
I was wrong!!!
All finished!!

This photo was taken right before
a Halloween party at church.
Kaydee the Sassy Devil,
Cydnee (my niece) the Witch
Count Zack
and Levi the 'inja (ninja)

Poor Kaydee was hospitalized (Asthma) the night
before Halloween. She missed out on all the
trick or treating.
I felt so bad!!
Lucky for her, Her brothers and Cousin M'Tali
filled a pillow case for her as they went around!


My sweet niece Brittany and her
Fiance still making plans
for an August wedding!!!
Mom and some of the kids on Thanksgiving

Daddy and Kaydee
Yep....That's Brandi for ya!!!
(she will kill me for posting this photo!!)
Silly Zacky
My Beautiful Mommy and
My Beautiful Sister Shelly
Shelly and her Girls on
Thanksgiving @ moms

Grandma and the kids putting
together a gingerbread house!!!
CUTE KIDS!!!!!!!
The finished product..........

......5 minutes later!!
(apparently we were suposed to wait
until the frosting dries the seams together
BEFORE we decorated it with candy!!)
We were blessed to have My sweet Grandma Morris
throughout the month of December.
This is my newest GREAT niece......She is so chunky!!!!
My oldest nephew and his family sitting
together for a 5 generation photo
with Grandma Morris!!!
My second Oldest Nephew and his family sitting
for their 5 generation shot!
My oldest Niece and her kiddos sitting
for the 5 generation shot too!!
Mom on Christmas Morning
Kaydee showing off her favorite gifts
Zacky showing off his favorites
Levi posing with his favorites too!!
My cute kids with my cute Grandma!!!!
Visiting Moms Grave
Mandi did such a great job with
the decorations!
Happy Birthday to Tanner and Gabe!!!!

And last but not least......


Way to go Kaydee bug!!! We are so
very proud of you!!!
Good luck on your District Fair!!
We know you will do a
Fantastic Job!!
Love Mom & Dad


So....there are the last few months in a nutshell.
As I get the house unpacked and looking
pretty...i will start to post pohotos
of it....until then...Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading!