Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is this kids cute or what?!?!

What an amazing year it was with our

little Ryan!! He brought SO MUCH JOY to

our life! We are so blessed to have had him....
He went to live with his mom about a

week before his first Birthday.

We snagged him to celebrate on the day

of! he was so happy to see all the people

and had so much fun!

Here are a few pics of his cake filled face :)

Before Ryan went to live with his mom we

decided to have some family pics done.

Im posting the ones of him now.. and the rest

on a later blog. He is such a ham for the

camera nad did a great job!

This last pic is a very special one for

our family. Ryan is dressed in an outfit

that my Late brother wore over 40

years ago... Ryan seemed to get in the

spirit and hamed up extra big for this one.