Monday, March 22, 2010

The first steps of our Summer Garden!

(My new greenhouse thing is so cool!
Cant wait till all my veggie seeds start to Sprout!)

I am so excited to have a garden this year!
We jumped right on getting started
as soon as it got warm out!
The hardest part is done i think!
The bottom pic is where we are going
to plant all of our veggies.
It was packed FULL of weeds
and Grass....but not any more!!!
More photos to come once we get it
all planted and pretty!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthdays, slumber parties, crazy hair and more!!!

So first and foremost.....we wanted to say,
Have you missed us???
There has been SO MUCH
on in our life that it has been difficult to sit and
Blog. Now on this peaceful, Quiet Sunday, Im
taking the opportunity to do so.
Be warned though.....
It's a pretty BIG post!!

Some of the family went up to Moms Grave to decorate
yesterday. We all miss her so very much. The pain
Never really seems to lessen.
It's nice to be able to show all the kids that we still
Love her....and i have to say...its pretty fun being
able to decorate, even if it is a headstone!
We know that Mom LOVES all the attention she gets
on Holidays! We can see her smiling down on us when
we do it!! That right there is worth it!
We love you mom!


Kaydee got a very special opportunity to meet her
most favorite Author!!
Mr. Richard Peck was at Centennial middle school
on March 2nd.
Kaydee was one of two
kids out of her school chosen to meet him!!!
She was so excited! She even had a book autographed
by Mr. Peck! She thought that was way cool!!
I appreciate Authors that are so into sparking
a Child's interest in Books!
Thank you Mr. Peck.....Your AWESOME!!!


Of Course...
Kaydee's 11th Birthday
(and A.J's 29th)
rolled around
this past month.
Kaydee enjoys being able to share her Birthday
with her Uncle! Its always fun to get
the family together and celebrate both!
Had to post this one just for Mandi.....hahah love ya girl!
Happy Birhthday to you two~
Hope it was GREAT!!!
Grandma Kidd came over and gave Kaydee a very
special Birthday gift. Kaydee and Mom have always
had such a special Bond....We knew that this would
Show kaydee just how special she is to her Grandma!

Kaydee recieved this cute little music box that plays
"You are so Beautiful"
with it came a little card that states

Dear Granddaughter
this is a very special gift
That you can never see
The reason it's so special is
It's just for you from me.
Whenever you are lonely,
or even feeling blue
You only have to hold this gift
and know i think of you.
You never can unwrap it
Please leave the ribbon tied
Just hold the box close to your heart
It's filled with love inside!

And of she read it...her eyes filled up with
tears. She knows that her grandma loves her
but this was such a special gift! She plays the
music box every night before bed :0)
Here is Kaydee Modeling all of her Birthday clothes

Kaydee got to have a sleepover with a few special
friends this year. they all had a GREAT time~
Thank goodness for good friends!!!

It was Dr. Seuss' birthday last week
so they were able to have crazy hair day,
Pajama day and hat day! here are a few cute
pics of their fun!!

And then there is cute lil Isaac
with his Rendition of Crazy Hair day....
all thanks to Kaydee lol!!!


And last but not least.....

Kaydee and her partner were selected to go to district
for the Science fair. Here they are Showing off for the

We were pretty upset that the higher ups
in the competition wouldn't let them
display their Polymer balls and Insta snow
for demonstrations. But they got over
it and had a great time anyways!

They were not chosen to move any further in the competition
But we hope Kaydee knows that we are so very proud of
her for trying her hardest and getting as far as she did!!!
We love you sweet heart!!! You are so Special
to us!!!