Monday, January 21, 2008


2008 its crazy! last year was a hard one for hoping this year will bring some new joys to our lifes!! the kids had a GREAT of course tanner and i did as well!

just wanted to post this pic for now. i laugh every time i see it. it was taken this summer when my cousins and my lil family went camping....ah the good times of summer. i could honestly say that there is a possibility that he was drunk here lol...

hope you all had a great X-Mas and New Year...sorry its teken so long to post something new...i plan to stay on top of it from now on!

Kaydee and Tanner are at the Flash basketball game....the boys are asleep...and its quiet.... i think ill go take a bath and relax a bit....have a great night!!

p.s. i will post pics from christmas and other various activities we did over the holidays at a later date....need to get them developed. hopefully ill get a digital camera here soon!