Monday, February 18, 2008

Cant wait for #4!!!

So i finally broke down and bought the Twilight series. Partly because i was anxious to read them....but mainly because i was getting tired of waiting for the book to be free of all the readers in our family lol. But i kid you not, that was the BEST 30 bucks i have spent on books!! I read all 3 within a week. Tanner is glad i am done with them lol. now maybe i can get caught up on everything i slacked on while reading about Bella's Fate!! Unfortunately, the fourth and Final book "Breaking Dawn" will not be released until August , 2008. *sob* But..... i did secure 2 copies (one for me and one for Missi and Jami to fight over) on But August is SO far away!!! i cant take the suspense!!!!!! *sigh* i guess ill just have to find another series to read until this one arrives. Does anybody know of any good ones?? I really should keep my mind on the kids and all the house work......but i really love hiding in a good romance Novel....or Maybe even a good horror Book. anyways...for my readers....if you have not read these books, i strongly suggest you do. its full of the good and evil, romance and comedy. very good books! and i know i have a few people who agree 100% with me!

While i was Searching for the release date of book #4...i came across some interesting websights. here are a few that the obsessed readers of the Twilight series will enjoy. *hint* the movie of twilight will be released worldwide in december!! see who's on the casting calls and read about the books (if you havent read them) on this sight...

Check out the authors websight here.....

Heres a sight that will allow you to read the first chapter of "Midnight Sun" a book that is "twilight" in Edwards point of view..... something i'm am very excited to read!

(for the life of me i cannot turn these into links on my blog.....anybody have any advice??)

Anyways...i think i'm obsessing way to much. i Better go start my pile of laundry to distract myself! Have a great day everybody


Heaps Fam. said...

Its about time. I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!! and i a missing him oh so much! i am going to read them again soon. I am not much of a reader, but I am reading the golden compass series right know. I am on book 3 and the are pretty good.