Monday, June 16, 2008

Another busy weekend!!!

Kaydee and M'Tali were in the Springville
Parade this weekend. they had alot of fun!
Afterwards we went to the
Orem Summerfest and let the kids
ride the rides before watching the
parade and fireworks....
here are some out of order pics i took!!

Mommy forgot Levi was afraid of heights when she put him
on the Ferris wheel!!!!

Fun at the Fair!!!

Zack looks scared lol

LOL so does Kaydee!!!!!

Awwww, what a sweetheart!!!

Mandi driving in the parade

Kaydee waving at all the people!!!

Fun times!

She sure is a Beauty!!!
Hold onto those hearts boys!!!

Kaydee yelling "hi" to grams and papa

Now theres trouble!!!!

Mmmmm cotton candy!


Awww.... they look so cute & innocent!!
Dont let 'em fool ya though!!!

For you Papa!!!