Friday, September 19, 2008

Funeral pics

Ok so that was by far one
of the hardest funerals
I have been to.
His wife and Kids were so
very brave!
I don't thing I could
do what they just had
to do!!!
Matt's dad and Daughter Aubree.
When she cried....I cried
I couldn't help it....
I felt so bad!!!
Tanner and I at the Luncheon.

My sister Shelly, Her man Rob and
Matt's Nephew.

One of Matt's Brothers Jodie!
This guy is such a neat guy!!
I haven't seen him for like
10 years. He lives in
PA with his wife and son.
It was so neat to see him
even if it was such a bad
time for his family!

My sister Nikki and Jodie

Matt's only son Jordan

My Grandma Morris

Aubree putting on a brave
face for everybody!
She is such a sweetheart!

May God watch over Matt's
Family and comfort them in
their time of sorrow!!!
We love you guys
so much!!