Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas parties, Christmas, Flash game & birthdays!! whew what a busy month!!!!

This month was so busy for us.
Birthdays and christmas and
of course the soon to be baby announcements!!

We are so excited to ring in the
New year!!

Here is what has happened within these
last few weeks!!

Tanner and M'tali's Birthdays

Baby announcements!!!
Congrats to mandi and Missi!!!
We love you guys and wish you the best of luck and health
for you and your soon to be's!!!!


The Heaps' Christmas Party!!!

Snow storm!!!

The Utah Flash game
with our buddies!!


Loralee and the gang... said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. The secret to the 7 kids and my still being able to function daily is that they are spread out over 20 years. My oldest, Jake, is 25 and youngest is 5...and he was actually born after Jake left the nest. However, that will mean raising kids for 38 years before they are all grown~~~by then you will probably have to lock me up in the looney bin!

LyndiLou said...

Becca... Your Christmas looks like LOTS of fun! :) I'm sooo glad! Are you planning anything fun for New Years?!? I LOVE the sign Kaydee made for the flash game! Too cute!