Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hospitals are NO fun!!!!

Just a few photos of Logan to show
you just how much fun he is having in
the Hospital......NOT!!!
He was so mad at the world when he
had to get that darn IV in his head!!
Who wouldnt be!!
On the bright side of things....
he has Gained 10 oz!!!!!!

UGH I hate that Mandi and her family
have to be put through all of this!!!
I wish there was more i could do to help
out!!! She is so strong though!!
We love you Mandi!!!


Brandi Pace said...

He definitely doesn't look like he is happy with all of that but he is so beautiful inside AND out I'm sure. We are praying for your family!! Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...
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حميد رضا حسين خاني said...

such cute baby and such a great blog
hope you best my friend

baliplus said...

how are you?
warm greeting for your family n_n