Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Easter Fun

Easter Morning was lots of fun.....cute kids and LOTS of
candy!!! (you will see later on in the post just how much
candy these 3 munchkins got!!!)

Yep......told you they got LOTS of candy!!!!
and Its all........
^Their fault!!!!^
(but we love them so much!)
Yup.....that candy HURTS!!!!!
Thats MY CANDY!!!! would think they were kids!!!
Haha...but look who won!!!

The Morris Annual Candy Toss and Egg Hunt!!!

My sweet Niece Cydnee blessed us with
her company on the trip south
to have some fun with the family!

Had to put this one in....
doesnt she look thrilled?
Its a may baby though...
Almost done!!!
Some VERY cute kids at Papa's!!
We love you DAD!!!

I felt so bad that i couldn't Be there again for the
Decorating of moms grave.
(I was SO SICK!!)
Didn't they do a fabulous job on it??
I know mom just LOVES the attention she gets
on holidays!
We sure miss her!!
Love you mom!