Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our BIG Summer Vacation

In August we went on a BIG family

vacation. Vegas, Hoover dam, Grandcanyon

Skywalk are just to name a few of the

places we went. We had a ton of fun

and made alot of memories....

But BOY we were glad to be home!

A week was just alittle too long for

the kiddos....and MOM!!

In the car going through Zions

On the old tiem movie sets in Southern Utah

Kaydee Posing

(we didnt mean to get such a bad shot....)

Kids and I in Vegas on the strip!

Grandma and the kids on the Vegas strip...

Fear the Lion.....RAWR!


In the "Pawn Stars" Pawn shop

the kids were SO excited to be there

The guys werent there so we took a pic

with the next best thing :)

Hoover Dam

Eagle Point in the Grand Canyon

Can you see the Eagle?

We couldnt take cameras on the Skywalk...

this gives you an Idea of what it was though.

4000ft in the air is pretty dang High!!

I was SO PROUD of the kids for being brave

and walking around it with us!!!

Different types of Indian Dwellings

On our way home we stoped at Cove Fort!

Good times and Great memories!!!!