Tuesday, October 16, 2007

first official blog ...... 10-16-07

6:30 am......*yawn* time to get up and get kaydee in the bath. she likes to shower ever morning...which means we wake up a little earlier to allow time. ugh i hate mornings somtimes. Zacky usually wakes up the minute he hears any of us up. sometimes he gets up at 5 when tanner leaves for work. he is such a light sleeper!! he had a hard night last night....waking up with bad dreams and all. so i let him sleep as long as possible. he got up at 7....just in time to get dressed and get to the bus. hopefully he got enough sleep.....hes like me. when i get tired i am sooooo onery!!!
so i get the kids onto the bus just in time. 7:30 comes fast when your running a little late!! i pour me a cup of coffee and sit down to check my email. i check it....reply to a few and and get up to pour me another cup of coffee. levi sure is sleeping late today.......of course he was up untill 10pm......so i guess its not surprise. im not complaining though......its nice to have a little time to myself!
8:30 am Levi stumbles out of my bed all rosy cheeked and sleepy eyed. he is so beautiful! his big blue eyes look at me, then he gets a cute little grin on his face as he climbs up into my lap. we snuggle a little watching tv. then he looks up at me and asks me for some cereal. if i let him....he would eat cereal all day long! he loves the stuff!
after he eats he wants to get dressed and go play in the mud. i help him bundle up (its freezing today!!) and he goes out. only outside for 5 minutes he walks back in wanting a snack......so i hand him an apple sauce, he eats it and heads back out.......only to come in 5 minutes later asking for more to eat. after arguing with him for a bit i give in and give him a handfull of marshmallows and tell him no more untill lunch time! he sits on the couch and watches an episode of scooby doo while i do some dishes and throw in a load of laundry. i swear, sometimes it feels like when i finally get caught up.....im behind again!! its nice that kaydee and zack are old enough to do some chores now!! it helps me out alot!
i after levi heads back out i sit down to write this blog......its not like i dont have loads of laundry to fold or anything.....i wish i could just ignor it and it would disappear! *sigh* i know that will never happen.....so i better get to work!! hope you all have a great day!!
p.s. i was going to put a photo with the blogs........but for some reason its not letting me......ill try next time.


Nephi and Andrea said...

Hey whats up Tanner and Beck. How are you guys? My wife made a blog spot thing for us so you will have to check it out. I cant believe how much all the kids have grown. Guess its been a few years since Ive been out there. Sometime Ill have to bring out the family and get together. My wife wants to wait a little while longer until my Daughter Danica gets a little older so the road trip wont be so hard! Hope all is well