Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tanners going hunting......and im going nuts!!!

Every proud parent has to have at least one
picture of their kid sleeping in the highchair
(im sure its written somewhere right??)

in the first pic (i cant get writing under it for some reason)
Zacky was having MAJOR issues at the zoo
this summer!!!!!!!

anybody remember this one?? she was so muddy!!!
she still doesnt let tanner live down the fact that he
threw he in the cold river to wash her off!!

ok, so tanner is going hunting (most of you knew that already) and im looking forward to having the tv to myself *wink* but im not looking forward to sleeping by myself.....ill admit im scared. i always spook myself, make myself see weird shadows....and always hear those weird noises. lol im sure ill be sleeping with all the lights on in the house lol~ ('lol' for those who dont know it "laughing out loud" in computer terms)
i bought the "american pie" #'s 1,2 & 3 to keep my mind busy....and i have the kids to keep me company till 7 or i guess it wont be to just a big baby...
tanner just better bring home a big deer to make up for leaving me alone all weekend *sob* just kidding. but this is his year i hope. he hasnt shot a deer yet. hes always so bummed out when he gets home. id love to see him smile when he tells me how he shot the big one!! (ill be praying every minute for his safety though)
Ok ill stop here for now.....take care everyone!!