Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello From Motana!!!!!

Just wanted to drop a line to everybody while i have access to a computer!!

We are staying one more night here in montana where my sister lives. Tomorrow we head to West yellowstone and stay there for a few nights. then Jacson hole will be our last stop! It has been a very very long few days with the kids. They have all missed home very much, but they are having so much fun! we have done alot of swimming. yesterday we went to the "house of mystery" which was very cool!! We even got to see some bears!!! we have a ton of pics to show you all but we cant load them to this computer!! so we will for sure update everybody on saturday when we get home! we love you all and hope everybody is doing great!! cant wait to get home!!!

Tanner we miss you so much!!! I cant wait to be in your arms again!! I love you baby!!!

~Bek and Kids