Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Montana pics (#5)

Here are a few odds and ends pics i wanted to show all of
you!! we had a great time on our trip...but boy
are we happy to be home with daddy!!
enjoy the pics!

Zacky calles them his "gobbles"

I have no idea what he was eating.....

At the Mammoth hot springs.....

Hungry Horse dam was cool to see!!!!

More of the hot springs.... pretty huh??

I want this sign.... seems perfect for my life lol!!!

Yeah..... this broom is standing all by itself....
I tell you this place was kinda Creepy!!!!
But then again it was fascinating!!!

This was one of the most beautiful spots in Yellowstone....

This sign just cracks me up!!!!!
can you tell why???

Levi is scoping out the Bear across the lake
with the binoculars

we did LOTS of swimming!!!!!!

The biggest rocking chair you will ever see!!!

The house of mystery is a must
visit if you go to montana!!!!
it is so awesome!!!
and yes the house is slanted

You have to stand like this in
the house of mystery....
or you will fall backwards!!!

Levi calls this a BUT-A-FLOW
how cute is that?!?!

Zack being cool while playing games
in our hotel room...

I don't care how bratty they can be....
My kids are so darn cute!!!!

Ok in the house of mystery again....
and get this....
the marbles roll up instead of down!!!

Seriously.... after 5 minutes in the house
i had sever motion sickness....
and it was standing still!!!
it really messes with you!!!

This little hut thing was built in 1931
It has a few things showing obsidian
and how rock hunters have ruined the
obsidian on the mountain....
i though it was cool to see such an
old building!!


missy said...

looks like you had a ton of fun! we need to do a family vacation like that. Maybe when AJ is out of school!