Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy hair day and moving day!!!!

Well..... we started packing up today!!
It will be so nice to be out of here!!
No more fax machines at 3 am!!
Kaydee came home early from school because of
her i put her to work...i know...
im a mean mommy!
What mess???
It was Crazy hair/hat day today!!
Here is Levi after his sister so nicely
did his hair.
he loved it...until he had to get on the bus...
then he was embarrassed!!
LOL what a cutie!
Zacky Chose to wear his Yellowstone hat
today.... He looks so tired in this picture lol
Guess thats the result of waking him up at
6:45 am!!!
I dont know where she got this great idea....
but it worked out perfectly!!
She had to take it out mid day though
because the cup was hurting her head lol!!
Doesn't she look great though?!?!?