Friday, October 17, 2008

Lots to catch up on in this post!!!

This week has been CRAZY with preparations
for the fundraiser...I have hardly had time to
post anything. So here it all is in one post!

My sister Nikki and her boyfriend Matt
too Oakley and Levi to the
Living Planet Aquarium
on Thursday!

What studs they are!!! They were happy to show
off the Jellyfish in the background!!

(Matt is a firefighter thats why they have the helmets
and badges)

Levi LOVED the seahorses!!!

DU-Dum DU-Dum

The all popular Stingray
they can actually pet them!!!

This is Sherida a week ago.....Ready to *POP*


Here she is now.....a proud Mommy!!!

Baby Issac Mathew Tourigny
Born October 17th 2008
8 Lbs. 1 Oz


Kaydee had a Talent show for Primary
Activity days this week

They all got up on stage when one of the
girls chickened out
to help her sing the National anthem!
It was so sweet!

Kaydee singing for her part in the Talent show
She did such a great Job!
This girl has a VOICE!!!!
Good Job Kaydee we are so
Proud of you!
We love you so much!

Making Halloween Cookies!!!!

My boys are studs!!!!


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