Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Night

For Family night tonight
we decided to make Pizza!!
The kids really enjoyed making them!!
Zacky wasn't feeling to well so
he opted to eat soup instead.

The Finished Pizza's!!!

Then we ate Popsicle's for desert!!

Then we played the silly Flour game!!
The kids had alot of fun!!
Don't forget to watch the video
(watch for Zack's silly faces)

The Video Below is just
a cute Random one of Levi
Singing tonight.....
Can you guess what song
he was trying to sing??


Aprilyn said...

He's singing Skinnamarink. I loved that show when Nate was little.
We did a talent show for FHE last night. It was an idea in The Friend. Do you live in Orem? We need to get together.

Aprilyn said...

How do you play the flour game? Oh, and I want your pizza recipe. Those look tasty!

Nate wants to know how old your boys are. He is 10 and in 4th grade. Marshall is 4 and in Pre-School. :)