Friday, January 16, 2009

It's that time again.....

So... Last year the Heaps family, including
Tanner and I, decided to go on a Diet.
The Weight Watchers Point system
Is the diet that was chosen....and with
each others worked!!
Tanner lost close to 50 pounds
and i lost 35!!

Then the Holidays hit
After gaining close to half my weight back
I have decided to put moms awesome
Christmas gift to good use!!
2 FABULOUS weight watchers cook books!!!
(thanks mom)
I am restarting the diet!!
Im so excited!!!

The thing that scares people away when
Weight watchers is mentioned, is the money that it takes
to get started. WELL...I have a solution to that problem!!!
Dont go to the classes, find somebody with the point calculations book
and photo copy it!!!
You dont have to go out and buy all the Weight watchers special foods either!!
Ever now and then when i had the money i did...just to give it a try,
But in my opinion...I could have eaten other foods that tasted
better for LESS points!!!

The Wont power.... I like that. But honestly...
with the points dont really have to have
a WONT power!! You can eat any food that you long as you
dont go over your points... of course.
And the great thing about it, If you are a veggie lover
like myself.....Most veggies are free in points!!!
So if you feel like snacking....and you dont have many points left
Veggies are a GREAT alternative!!!

OK, so here is my goal.
I am taking the next 3 months and working my
hind end off (literally)
and i am going to lose weight!!
Oh lets say.... 30 more Pounds.
In that time...I will put my cookbooks to good use
and try most, if not all the recipes in there!!
When i find a good one i will
post it....if anybody is really curious
about the kind of food you can eat!!

The scales will see declining numbers in the months to come!!!!


Aprilyn said...

Good luck! I joined The Biggest Losers and am competing to lose the most weight. My diet is eating less and eating more reasonable foods. I want to lose over 80 lbs. I might have to come take a look at your Weight Watchers cookbooks sometime. I'm in Orem just so ya know.