Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zacks Baptism.....Better Late than never!!!

Our Sweet Zacky got Baptized on
Aug. 1st 2009. We are so proud of him
and the choices he made that day!!
We love you Zacky more than you
will ever know!!

Dad we just want to say Thank you so much for
Baptizing Zacky. We know it has been a tough
month for you...and we know that you are
missing mom more than we will ever know.
Thank you so much for being there for us
anyways. We thank god for
you daily!!!
We are all so blessed to have you as
a Dad..... and to have a dad that carries the Priesthood!!
We know that Mom is so proud of you for all that you
have done lately! She hasn't missed any of this! We
know she is right there with us....through the thick
and thin...just like she was when she was alive!
We love you dad!!

These last few photos are the only ones I got of
the Luncheon after the Baptism. Thanks to all
who helped out with it!! It turned out great!!
(Photos were taken by Kaydee I think)


LyndiLou said...

You're not that late... it's not like he just got the priesthood and you're writing about his baptism... ;) THAT would be late!

What a great he made, indeed! You have some great kids! :) That makes me happy for you!