Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween was Awesome!

We had a FUN Halloween this Year!

The Kids, My Boyfriend Nick and I went

to the "Richy" part of town to hit the

Motherload haha... we REALLY got way to

much if you ask me!

There was one house that did a fantastic little

Haunted house thing that you had to walk

through to get to the door for candy.

They had a Chainsaw dude and a Zombie guy

crawling on the ground and everything.

Kaydee and Levi got to the door, got the candy and

went to turn around just as the zombie grabbed

Kaydees shoe.... then the Clown Jumped out haha

they were so scared! Zack didnt even make it to the

door before he ducked under the "Caution" Tape

and took off LOL

Nick and I were doubled over in Laughter...

and of course the kids all said

"we werent scared at all"