Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Kaydee snoozin' on Grandma Kidds lap
Kaydee on her first Birthday
Yeah.... thats what you get when you give
a 3 year old a four wheeler and a 'Pud Muddle'
Daddy and Kaydee being silly
Kaydee's Kindergarten Graduation
Zacky's First Christmas
My Ethiopian Child....
shortly after we discovered it was the formula
making him so sick....
Zacky plying in the bathroom
Zacky 6 months old at the park
Zack ALWAYS had one bruise
or another on that poor head of his!
this on required stitches!
Kaydee ALWAYS had a way to make
Levi laugh!!
My Chunky Monkey Levi.... 3 months old!!
Zacky (2) and Levi (3 months)
Best Friends for Life!!
My cute family shortly after
Levi's birth
My little stud Levi waiting
his turn to sit on Santa's lap!

While searching for some
photos of my good friend and I,
I pulled out a few of my favorites
of the kiddos when they were
(I never realized i was such a
Photo Freak until tonight!!!)

Oh and Mnisa....dont worry...
I WILL find those photos of us....
Like I said...


LyndiLou said...

I'm sooo glad you put these on here!!! :) I love pictures! My Mom has been scanning some of our older ones and it's sooo great! I love the one of everyone at the hospital... Zack is looking up at his Dad real cute! Oh, and Kaydee making Levi laugh... that is sooo fun! Awesome!

Harlow Family said...

You are such a photo freak! I wish I had been...then I would have some black mail! Darn it! LOL. Oh well.

I loved looking at these pics of your family. How fun to have all those memories documented with pics!