Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We couldn't help but give this
silly little monkey some Ice cream
one night while on an outing
with Sherida and her kids.
Isaac LOVED it...as you can plainly
see below!!!

Kaydee did Awesom Tuesday in
her Program called
"Utah...This is the place!!"
She has always has l0ved
performing in front of others..
so she did exceptionally well
in her parts!
We were so proud of her!!!

Then..... there's Levi.
After tonight's bath, I was searching
through some clothes to find his
favorite P.J's...
walked in his room to find him sitting
on his bed watching TV.....
Still stark naked....with his Helmet on.

(i guess)


LyndiLou said...

Ohhh... it's sooo fun to be able to take pictures and have them sooo fast and easy!!! :) I remember the days of waiting and waiting for the film to be developed. I love that you can have fun and random moments and share them sooo easily! :) I'm glad you guys are having fun at your place! :)