Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day!!!!

We hope you all had a very fun and safe Memorial Day!!! Here are some Photos of our weekend!! Enjoy!

So above we have Levi sitting by his namesake
(PaPa's uncle)
Below we have Tanner Levi Heaps
and Levi Tanner Heaps
sitting by the same uncles grave..
Think he is proud??
I DO for sure!

Here Tanners Nephew
Dallin is sitting by his namesake,
Tanner's Grandpa Bell.

It took FOREVER to get the kids
to sit still for this one,
but we did it!!
This is the memorial they
have for all the veterans
in Alpine.
The kids by Grandma & Grandpa
Bell's Graves.
All the kids by Grandma & Grandpa
Heaps' Graves.
Mandi standing by her Grandpa Bell's
Grave. She plans to name the baby
Logan Ray....after him.
She is SO ready to have this baby!!!
We wish you the best of luck Mandi!!
We are praying that you have a safe and
FAST delivery!!!
We love you!!!!

We also Celebrated Jami's Birthday
on Memorial day!!!
We hope it was a great one for you Jami!!
We love you and appreciate
EVERYTHING you have done for our


LyndiLou said...

Looks like another fun day in the life of Becca!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Joe said...

Thomas Levi Heaps is my grandpa not my uncle.

TheHeapsClan said...

oh oops my bad..... sorry dad