Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Bitter sweet 4th of July

It's only been a week since Mom's passing.
Our 4th of July was a painful one.
We had some fun....But never feeling
like there was somebody missing.
We miss Mom so much.

Dad.... we love you and just want you
to know that we are here for you.
We pray for you daily, for god to
Be with you and comfort you in this

time of sorrow. He does have a plan
for all of us. We know that Mom is happy
and safe now....waiting for our arrival...
with open arms as always!!
We love you Dad!!

Zack and M'Tali posing for the camera
Kaydee watching daddy light the fireworks

Levi and his baby blues.....

I just had to post this....

Logan's face is so sad right here...
even though i smile each time
I see this cute photo of him...
it reminds me of the sad timing
of moms Death.

To Jami, Mandi and AJ.....
We Love You....
We know the sadness you are
feeling, the thoughts you are
having, the pain in your hearts....
you are not alone...
if you ever need us...
you know where we are!!
WE love you!!


LyndiLou said...

Ohhh that little baby... I've never seen something like that!!!

I'm wishing and hoping for hearts that heal quickly and grow even bigger... to hold onto the great memories you have and make new ones for her to smile down and watch! :)