Thursday, July 30, 2009

Past, Present & Future......

July of 2008 Champ became part of our family....
We have loved every moment of having him too!!!
He has been such a blessing to our family!
We Love him so much!

Champ was passed down from family to family
before he became a permanent member of
our household. We never really knew his
We knew that he was a purebred and
that whoever raised this dog...definitely
did something right! But other than that
the dog we know as Champ had no History....

Until This Week

After returning from our camping trip on Wed.
we all needed some serious soap behind the
Ears...Including Champ. I had a coupon for
Grooming services at PetCo.
So i made
an appointment, dropped him off and
ran some errands. When we picked him
up the Lady was acting kind of strange...
Almost like she didnt want to see Champ
Leave. I just figured it was because he
is such a great dog or something.
Thought nothing of it until this
morning when i got a call from the lady.
What a wonderful present it was to hear that
she knew him as a puppy and was responsible
for training him and raising him for the most part.
Her Pit Bull 'Deisel' was there at the Groomers
and she said that they went crazy when they saw

So anyways, she told me that she would send me
some photos of 'Bentley'...AKA Champ.
Here they are....I was so excited to see that my
dog did in fact have a past.

The present and Future with our wonderful
Dog Champ is ours....But we have Vanessa
the groomer and her husband to thank.....

Here are a few of the photos that she sent me.
All i keep thinking is
"Its a small world after all"

Champ as a pup....isn't he precious???

THIS is why Champ likes to Snuggle so much!!!

But i have Diesel to thank for Champ
Keeping us warm at night
with all those snuggles
Friends Reunited!
We will play soon i promise Vanessa!!!


LyndiLou said...

That is just sooo completely AWESOME!!! Funess! I love it when the world shrinks a little! ;)

Brandi Pace said...

That is so sweet!!!! I love it!