Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prayers (again) Please.........

So it has been Non-Stop Turmoil for this lil guy.
First he is in the hospital with Jaundice,
then PKU's are abnormal,
then his Grandmother passes away.
His Dear mother finds out that
her sweet 1 month old cannot digest protein!!!

What next?!?!

Poor lil Peanut!!!!!

I am Begging you
(whoever reads our blog)
Pray for our Baby Logan!!!!
We are all pretty worried about him
and praying our hearts out for him and
his family!

Thank you

Mandi....If you read this....Please know that we love
you and that we are here for you. We know that it
has been a VERY TOUGH few weeks for you.
If you need ANYTHING....please let me know!!!


LyndiLou said...

Good luck with everything... you guys are strong and your love will help them sooo much! Prayers, good thoughts, hopes and wishes all coming your way!

Brandi Pace said...

You are all in our prayers! We want nothing more for him to get over this and be happy!!!!