Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Awesome sight for scrapbookers & Scentsy!!

Ok so some of you may have noticed
that i have added a new link
to our blog called
"an awesome sight for scrapbookers"
this lady (pictured above)
is in our ward and i have known her
for many many moons!
she has had this scrapbooking business
for almost 14 years and i had NO IDEA!!
Anyways, we got talking one day
and I told her that I used to be an avid
Scrapbooker. She then showed me some
of her catalogs, and OH MY GOSH
the things in there are so dang cute!!

So now im asking all of you to
first take a look at her sight and
get familiar with the things she sells
and second, respond to this post and
tell me if you would be interested in purchasing
some Items From me if i decide to sell it.
If not its ok....but i am way interested in it!
I will be hosting a party soon
and will send ya'll an invitation.


Ok as of tomorrow i will officially be
a Scentsy consultant!!!
So you know where to go if you need
any scentsy Items.
The beginning of September the warmers
will be going up in price.
They will be 30.00 instead of
25.00. So if you need a warmer this
is the time to get them!!
AND In September they have
the cutest plug in warmers
for 15.00. I am so gonna get
one or two for my Bathroom
and Kitchen!!! They are so adorable!

So yeah...let me know
if you need anything!!

Love you all!!!



theyoungs said...

I really love the scentsy but dont do much scrapbooking since I started blogging.

Anonymous said...

Dont have money right now but if we ever know what that is again then ya maybe we could use a refill on our scentsy stuff but we hope that you have fun doing it.

Missy and Jami