Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday PaPa!!!!!

This past weekend we got
to celebrate PaPa's Birthday
with the family!
We hope you had a great one
Dad. We love you so much!!!

PaPa blowing out the candles on his "cake"

Grams and Papa watching the kids play

Our Jami doing what she does best

Death glare!!! Gosh A.J.!!!!!

Missi Giving me a cute wild look lol

A.J. tickling grams ear.....

A rare but CUTE pic of Jami smiling with her
buddy missi!!!

What a cheese!!!

Cute Koda

Jen giving me the usual Look lol

PaPa's Birthday "cakes"

Peek-a-boo Taya!!

M'Tali Smiling Cute

Cute family pic

My 3 sister in laws.......


missy said...

what fun pics! love my awesome double chin!

TheHeapsClan said...

Thats why i dont post any pics of me lol