Monday, August 25, 2008

Kaydee's Audition pics!!!

So Kaydee went to her Auditions on Saturday.
She was AMAZING!!!
Here are a few picsI took,
some before and some after.
They wouldn't let us take
pics or videos during
the auditions. It was
against the law or something lol.
She got call backs too!!!
But they wanted $2,000
the very next day so we couldn't
do it.
They will be back in 6 months and
they want her back.
Maybe we can save up enough
before then.
But first we will check to
see if it is a scam!!!!

This one is my favorite!!!!

Afterwards we went to dinner at Red Robin......YUM!!!

Tanner coloring like a lil kid lol......


Anonymous said...

Those are some very pretty pictures kaydee... It looks like you had fun!!! I bet she did awesome... she has that personality. Love you kaydee and I hope your enjoying your blanket. Jami

TheHeapsClan said...

She said to tell you thanks again for the blanket Jami....and she loves you!!!

She really wants to go back for the auditions. She said this is really what she wants to do. So I guess we have found our Goal for Kaydee.... Audition, Audition, Audition.....
until she says no more lol.

missy said...

She looks so grown up! she is a very pretty little girl.

youngfamily said...

good job look really pretty, hope it all works out for you..I love you tonz.