Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!!!!

Believe it or not i'm sad
to see my baby go to school!!!
He was so darn excited though!!
It's all he could talk about
all morning!!


I love this picture!!

Tanner and I took him on his first day
& he rode the bus home with Oakley

My Nephew Oakley and Levi are in the same class!!!

Aren't they cute???
I hate when Levi pulls a funny
face just as I snap the pic!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like he was very excited, but what did he think when he got home? And as always hes cute as hell. Jami

TheHeapsClan said...

He loved it!! He cant wait to go back tomorrow! I guess he made alot of friends..... AND so far i haven't gotten a call from the principle...hehehe i'm not counting my chickens though. after all....he is his fathers son!!

missy said...

YaY Levi! What a little cuite!