Sunday, March 22, 2009

BOWLING!!!!! (this is the first out of three posts...dont forget to check out the other two)

This weekend we went Bowling
with my cousin Sherida and her
family...and had SO MUCH FUN!!!
Kids and Adults both seemed like they
were having the time of their life!
It was so great to be able to
Spend some Quality family time
with ALL of my family.
I was fun to watch the kids having
such a good time. I was surprised
to see how well they actually did!!
And they got along so nicely too...
We might have to make this
a regular outing!
Levi enjoyed using the ramp to get his ball
to go faster! He thought it was fun to try
and push the ball as fast as he could....
usually it ended up flying off the ramp
before it had a chance to roll down lol.

Tanner was lucky enough to have Saturday
off this week!!
I was so glad that he was there with us!!
We sure miss him when he works
so much!!

Gabe had alot of fun showing
off his past Bowling expertise.
He even gave Levi & Zack a few
pointers lol

Brenden was SO cute during this whole
thing. Every time he was up, he would
roll the ball (VERY SLOWLY) and
sit there and watch it....
once it hit the pins, he would Jump
up and get all excited...
then had to give whoever was watching
a high 5!!!
He is such a cutie!