Thursday, March 26, 2009

LoL...Once again Levi makes me laugh!!! (and a few updates)

So the other morning I went in to
wake the boys up for school
and this is what i find...

Can you see him???
Its amazing he was so quiet doing this...
Levi is NEVER quiet!!!

The other night we took advantage of the
'in season' Produce....
Here are the kids eating their
Strawberry shortcake for desert.
For dinner we enjoyed yummy
corn on the cob!!!
I so cannot wait for summer!!!!!

Kaydee thinks i am silly for taking
photos of our food...
But it just looked so yummy!!!

While it was nice and warm last week we
decided to get the kids' bikes fixed.
The VERY day we did it....
In came the cold front!!!
They are so sad they cant ride them now!!!

And last but not least....
Kaydee goes in tomorrow to get her
hard cast on. She isn't looking forward
to it at all. she is miserable enough
with the soft splint on!!
Poor girl!!


Ali said...

yumm, corn on the cob and strawberries. My little Payton would looovvvee it there.