Monday, March 23, 2009

PoOr KaYdEe

Yep thats right.....she Broke it!
Actually Champ Broke it.
he took off for the door and
the leash caught her arm...pinned it
in the door and bent it funny.
I guess its called a
"Buckle fracture"
Below is an X-ray showing
what it looks like....

(this is not her X-ray)

She was so nervous....she did NOT want it
to be Broken!!!

She is a cheese head even when she is hurt!


Anonymous said...

Poor Kaydee! Dangit that would hurt! hope she starts to feel better soon.
As for sleeping in own bed thing, jayden starts out there but always ends up in out bed. Hopefully he will grow out of it.

Joe + Katie said...

Poor girl, that x-ray looks so painful.