Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a random post

So I know this is way random....
But i know a few of our readers
have kids that have a hard time
falling asleep in their cribs/beds
by themselves.

My dear cousin posted this on her blog.
I thought maybe...hopefully somebody
can use this idea....and benefit from it
like she has!!
Thanks Krystal!!


For any of you that know the hard time I have had with Libby going to sleep on her own....tonight we had a breakthrough. I was searching online about 4 days ago and came across a blog. A woman had the same issues and she saw a program on TV about it and suggested a method. So I tried it.

Here is how it goes:

The first night, you establish a routine with them. Bath time, PJ's, stories, in the same order every night. Then have ten minutes with them, and you get in the crib with them. This is really a weird step, but it makes sense if you think about. Before we would just lay her in her crib and let her cry herself to sleep for an hour at night which made her associate the crib as being an unsafe place to sleep. So by climbing in there with her she sees me in there, and now it feels safe because she can picture mom in there with her. Then you get out, snuggle and kiss her and lay her down in the crib and leave. You let her cry for 3 minutes, then go in and snuggle her for no longer than 2 minutes. (we are at 5 minutes total now). Then you lay her down and wait 5 minutes and do the same thing, then 10 minutes. The first night I had to do 3, 5 and two tens and she was asleep on her own. So that totals to be about 36 minutes until she is asleep on her own. That is a lot better than an hour of screaming, and maybe, if your lucky she will fall asleep.

The next night you do everything the same except get into her crib. You sit on the floor by the crib. This night I did 3, 5 and one ten.

The next night everything the same but don't sit by the crib, just hold her and snuggle her, then lay her in bed. (3, 5, 10, 10)

Tonight there was no crying. She rolled over and went to sleep. This works and I am so happy that we have found a better, more peaceful solution for Libby and for us. Well that is it, thank you and good night. He he.


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