Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blast From The Past......Easter!!!

Seeing that its almost Easter I
thought I would reminisce a
little over one of our
most favorite time of the year!

Easter, for us, is a time for Family
and remembering our savior and
his atonement.

Let us always
remember Jesus' Victory
over death and how much
he loves us!!

Let me show you some of my favorite
photos from the past few Easters!!

(my family all gathered around the Swing out back
with Grandma Morris!!!)

Grandma Morris always made Easter
out to be such a fun Holiday!!
She would invite everybody and their dog
over to her house...cook up sloppy joes
or hots dogs and a big buffet of
everything imaginable.
Then...she would send a bunch
of Bunny helpers out to hide the eggs
all over her yard!!
Then....we let all the kids (often 50 or more)
loose!! All usually got about 10 eggs or more
to take home.
Afterwards she would throw her Annual
Candy Toss!!!
The entire family would Gather around the
Big swing under the Apple tree in her backyard
and Yell "GRANDMA" at the top of
their lungs to get her to throw the next
big handfull of candy their way!!!
Im not kidding when i say our
baskets were overflowing when we left!!
Such FUN!!!
Great memories there!
Zacky found a Ladybug on his arm
one year at Grandmas Easter egg hunt!!
turned out to be a GREAT photo!!

That candy HURTS when it hit you on
your head!!!

(Kaydee being pretty at Uncle Neils egg hunt)

My aunt and Uncle took
over the egg hunt and candy
toss when Grandma got too old!!
Its not Quite the same but
still very fun!!!
Tanner and Steve yelling for candy
was a funny sight...

Cute lil Brenden loved finding the eggs!!!

My aunt Sherian and Uncle Neil
"the hosts of the Party!!"

I LOVE this photo of Levi.
This was taken last year at
AJ and Missy's house
during the egg hunt.
It really brings out his Blue eyes!!

I dont know what this face says....
he almost looks like he scared lol!!
Zack sure is a cute boy though!!!

This is one of my ALL TIME
favorite photos of Levi!!
Look how Chubby he was lol!!!
8 months old here

Here's Tanner yelling for candy again lol....

My sweet Kaydee at AJ and Missy's
egg hunt!!
She will have a hard time this year
with her broken arm!

Cute lil Levi in his Easter get-up
One Easter at the Malands
Easter party!!

Its a little Early I know...
but we want to wish a
Happy Easter
to all of you!!!
We hope it is a safe and Fun one!!
Stay Tuned:
This Easter is also our 6th Anniversary...
So i will do a double post after
the 12th to show you pics of this
years shindigs.... and one about
how we celebrated our Anniversary!
(No i wont go into detail *smiles*)


TheHeapsClan said...

I was looking online for a couple cute crafts i could do with the kids... I visited one of my favorite web sights...and it has a ton of cute ideas...for those who are interested!!


Susan (Gardner) Bristow said...

If I can get anyone else I will defiantly let you know. I need at least 4 other people, so far I only have you.

LyndiLou said...

I'm in LOVE with the picture of you guys with your Grandma!!! :) It's sooo happy! Sounds like you have had a LOT of Happy Easters!!! How cool is that! Thanks for sharing, I love seeing pictures. Happy Easter to you too ANNND Happy Anniversary!!! 6 years and counting!!! YAHOOO!!!