Thursday, April 16, 2009

What do YOU do on cold miserable days???

The Kids were so Bored on Wednesday!!
It was such a cold Miserable day
I HAD to find something to keep them
happy...and me from
going INSANE!!
So I put on a Pot of White Bean & Ham Soup...
(have i told you how much
I love My Crock Pot??)
Made up a batch of cookies.....
Chocolate Fave!!!
Made my moms Bread!!
THEN I put the kids to work!!!
Decorating Calendars....
and Making their own
"look & find" rice bags
Just dig to the bottom of your
kids' toy bins and find those
loose odds and end toys
that they have LONG forgotten about....
And add them to a Ziplock bag.
write down all the toys and colors...
then fill the bag with 1 1/2 Cups
of rice.
Tape the ends shut and there you have it!!
LOOK & FIND rice bags!!
It was a big hit!!
We also made Salt dough!!
I made them mix in the color...
I know I'm mean lol...
Levi HATED to get his hands all red!!!
Can ya tell???
Zacky had NO problem with you can see lol
I had them make something for me...
Just so i could post about it...


I could NOT BELIEVE my eyes!!!!
All of these Branches!!!!
SO much SNOW!!!!
I wanted to cry!!
This is suposed to be
for heavens sake!!!!!
Ah well....
Guess mother Nature has different plans...
But i dont have to agree with them...


LyndiLou said...

Ohhh... we had poor sad broken branches all over our yard and neighborhood too! :( Mother Nature was in a MOOD alright!!! I love the activities-for-the-blog! Whatever works to keep from getting cabin-fever! I'm never heard of the look and find bags but they're cute! And you're food looks tasty!!! :) Looks like you had a great day and that makes me happy for you!

Sorry I talk sooo much! Long comment... phew! ;)

Ali said...

Your kids are so lucky to have a mom that makes such yummy food and does fun activities on crappy snow days. Looked like a lot of fun- and yummy bread. Poor tree though :(

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