Monday, April 27, 2009

In Loving Memory.....

Today we say goodbye
to my Dear Aunt Roena.

My A. Roena suffered from MSA
and was confined to a wheelchair
for the last 5 year of her life, and
unable to speak for the last 2 years.
Her brain was still active though.
Even in her state of Health...she was
still trying to communicate to us though
laughter and sounds.
We know that she is up in heaven
dancing for joy and singing her
heart out!!!

She will really be missed!!!

May god be with her Husband and children
so that they find peace in knowing that
they will see her again!!

We love you Aunt Roena
and miss you so much!!!

Becca and family


LyndiLou said...

Here's wishing you comfort, love and peace!!! She's healthy and happy now... we're lucky to know that Heavenly Father loves us and takes care of us even after we pass through this life!