Monday, April 13, 2009

HUGE Weekend = HUGE post!!!

We hope 'every-bunny' had a Great Easter!!!
As you can see from this HUGE post....
We had a TON of fun!!!
It was a blast to see family that
we haven't seen for what seems like
The Kids enjoyed opening their Easter
Baskets on Easter Morning....

Then we went to my mothers house
to celebrate with a egg hunt and
a candy toss!!!

This is my Great-Nephew Jaxton....
isn't he a cutie??

This is Jacory...another Great-Nephew...
He is so silly!!! He makes me
( my Great niece)
My Princess Dominee is such a sweetie!!

My nieces Brittany, Brandi & Cydnee
My Nephew Jerimyah, his wife
& cute little Jaxton!
(baby #2 is 6 months away!!)
I cant believe we got this many people
in one shot!!! It was GREAT to have most of
my family so close!!

After my mothers house...we went over
to Aj's and Missi's house for yet another
egg hunt!! afterward we had a yummy

All the grand kids -1 (Jayden was off playing around)
there will be 2 more added to this group
this year!!!
the kids were trying to crack tanner "the egg"
Saturday was a Special day for me.
My aunt and uncle were lucky enough
to have Grandma Morris this month!!
She was so happy to be able to do her
candy toss!! She hasn't smiled like that
in a long time!!!

Thanks to our family and friends for
making this Easter so special for us!
We love you all so much and
are so Grateful for you!!

Tanner & Becca

Yes, it was our Anniversary this weekend too.
It fell on Easter Sunday in fact.
Because it was a holiday weekend, we decided
to postpone our celebration of our 6th year
together until the last week of April.
We did however go see a movie!!
(Thanks mom for watching the kids)

I will be sure to post about our getaway
when we finally DO get away :0)

Until then....


LyndiLou said...

Sooo much fun!!! I'm really loving your little candy throwing tradition!!! Your Grandma looked like she was having fun!!! Happy Anniversary... hope you have lots of fun when you get to celebrate it! ;)

Harlow Family said...

you did have a big weekend! I am glad you had so much fun. I loved the idea of the candy toss, I've have to try that out some time.