Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yummy Yummy in your tummy!!!

Easter Cupcakes are so Yummy!!!!
Here's the How-to
on these egg-celent cupcakes!!

you will need:
1 cake mix
1 pkg of mini candy eggs
1 pkg of coconut
green food coloring
butter cream frosting
candy bunnies!!

Start off with ANY cake mix
make as directed so you end up
with 24 cupcakes!
Make your frosting GREEN.
It will help the "grass' blend better
you will need a package of your
favorite mini egg shaped candy
And a package of yummy
chocolate bunnies for the finishing
Turn your coconut green by adding
green food coloring in with a
baggie full of coconut...massaging
until its all mixed up!
First spread the frosting......
then add the 'Grass'....coconut that is
add a dollop of frosting to the candy
'glue' it into place :0)
then repeat the gluing process
until your happy with the results!!

To display your "gifts"
(if you aren't planing to devour them yourself)
add as many cupcakes to your plate
as you need
then put some bunnies around it.
Add a cute phrase like
"Some Bunny wants to wish you a Hoppy Easter!!"
Its so EASY!!!
This is going to
be a favorite of our for years to come!!!
If you try it....tell me what you think!


LyndiLou said...

Sooo cute and sooo happy! :) Thanks for sharing!