Sunday, June 14, 2009

I really didn't think that the parade would go
on yesterday with the wind and rain. But sure
enough it cleared up in time and the parade was
success!! Even a couple rainbows showed up
at the end to display their beauty!!
(left to right)
Brenden, Kaydee, M'tali, Koda, Zack and Dallin

All the kids enjoying the parade

the Sunshine!

Grams and Papa enjoying all the
floats and awesome cars!
Koda and Levi
Kaydee, Zack and Levi
all snuggled up on
the hood of my car after another
rainstorm. It cleared up once again
just in time for the show!!
Champ.....he hated all the
loudness of it!!!
(the beauty of having a newborn is that they
sleep through almost anything!!!)
I LOVE how these photos turned out!!
All squiggly and stuff makes them

The Orem Summerfest has always been
a favorite time for my family and I.
Its fun to be able to hang out as a family
and enjoy each other.
How often we take our time together
for granted.
I cant wait for our next favorite...
the 4th of July!!!
what plans do you and your family
have for the 4th??


LyndiLou said...

We love SummerFest too!!! I didn't get a picture of the rainbow... but I saw it! ;) I was holding a super wrapped up Baby Chomp!!! :) We left when the downpour came and missed the fireworks... but I'm sooo glad they still did them. It's just not Summerfest without them! I do have a void in my heart for not getting to see them... or any of the booths. My summer is all confused now! ;) Glad you guys had sooo much fun!

Ali said...

looks like so much fun! I like the squiggly fireworks shots too.