Thursday, June 18, 2009

RSV & Asthma DO NOT mix!!!!!

Kaydee has asthma since she was a year and a half.
So it was no surprise when she started to have
asthma attacks last week with the weather we
have had. By Saturday night she was using her inhaler
and her Nebulizer a few times a day....
which is still somewhat normal
for Kaydee. On top of that....
she had developed a
cough....and of course that was another
trigger for the attacks.

I let her go on like that for a couple more days just praying
that it would clear up before it got bad enough to go
to the ER. I had a feeling that it would probably
end up like that though.... because that's
just what happens when Kaydee has attacks
that bad.

Monday night, around 3:30am,
she was coughing so bad that she nearly
vomited a couple of times. Of course...when
she coughed like that she would have another attack.
Then when she woke up Monday morning....she was burning up.
I got her an appointment with our family Dr. and took
her in asap. The Dr. took her temp which
was 103.1 degrees. then measured her Oxygen
levels which was 82!!!

They were pretty worried about her and were trying to
decide then whether they should send us to the
ER or not. They decided instead to send
us home with a couple of prescriptions
and told us that she most likely had
a Bacterial sickness. If she got worse
to Take her straight to the ER.

After the appointment we went to fill
the prescriptions, take daddy to work then
went to Levi's ADHD appointment.
By the time that was over with she was struggling
to breathe and her lips were turning blue.
she was coughing so bad that i was
literally holding her up on the way out to the car.

I of course took her to the ER
(after dropping the boys off at my mothers)
and let them take over. i was sick with worry...
she has NEVER been this sick before!
They took her temp and Oxygen levels again...
with the same results. They then
gave her a couple breathing treatments and
continued to measure her Oxygen
over the next 4 hours....

By the time 11pm rolled around they
were calling around to the Pediatrician
on call to get her admitted.

By 12 am we were settled in our room and
Kaydee was receiving another breathing treatment.
this went on all night....of course she was hooked up
to the monitors that measure her levels and reports to the
desk.... so every time her Oxygen dropped she was put
Back on the Nebulizer and left on the constant oxygen.
Needless to say, we didn't get alot of sleep that night.

Once morning came around she was breathing a
little easier and wasn't quite as warm. They had taken
a couple blood samples in the ER to determine
where the sickness was coming from. So we spent all day
waiting for the results of the tests and receiving even
more breathing treatments. I think it is safe to
say that i know EVERY Icarly episode word
for word now lol.

Late Wed. afternoon, her oxygen levels were up and
her fever was down...but we still didnt know why
she was sick. They listened to her Lungs and decided
that they were still to tight to let her go home that
night. so I went home and took a Quick shower while
Jami stayed with her.
(Thank you Jami!!!)
Then we settled in for another night in room 310.
At about 9pm they had finally gotten the test results
and they told us that she has RSV.

We got a little bit more sleep that night, but still were
up every 2 hours for more treatments. Daylight rolled
around and Kaydee was feeling much better and
her lungs weren't so tight. so they let us go home, after
figuring that they couldn't do more for her there than
i could at home.
So just after Lunch we were released.

Kaydee is feeling a little under the weather
tonight , with a slight fever and constant cough.
but im hoping that while we continue the
Breathing treatments and getting her a good
nights rest that maybe she will start to
feel like her old self again soon.

Thank you to all of those who prayed for us and
helped us out in our time of need!! they were heard and
Kaydee is back home where she belongs!


Joe + Katie said...

Oh I am so sorry Becca!! Your poor little girl! I am glad things are going better for her though. That must have been so scary.

missy said...

Glad she is going to be feeling better soon. Love ya kaydee!

LyndiLou said...

WOW... that's quite the adventure! I'm glad that they were able to figure things out... but I'm sorry that you guys had to go through all of that! Hopefully the sun will stick around so you don't have to worry about that much longer!