Monday, June 22, 2009

My Take At Photography......

So today we thought it would
be fun to take photos of
Sherida and her family
since they dont have a
family photo with Issac
in it.
Here are the results...
What do you think??
(Honestly Now)


LyndiLou said...

Good job!!! :) I always take pictures in color... sooo I enjoy seeing B&W and sepia pictures! I never really remember to check them out otherwise. Keep it up... it'll be fun to see what other pictures you take!

Ali said...

they look good- the composition is good-- the biggest thing for getting into photography (and I am no expert by any means) I would say is to get a dslr-- check out library books and learn how to use your camera and it's settings. I'd get a fairly cheap dslr and a 50mm 1.8 lens to start out with, but ya if you have any other questions you can just facebook chat me or email me there- I'm happy to share the little I know :)