Friday, June 26, 2009

My new toy

(thats a butterfinger milkshake
that the boys and i made
to test it out!!)

Isn't it Purdy??

This blender is special because....
it replaces the ANCIENT one
that my mother handed down to me
It has a Food processor attachment
that goes with it!!!
So now when i am sick of shredding stuff....
I can use my new Blender!!


LyndiLou said...

Was that lighter fluid behind it?!? You didn't add that to your shake did you?!? Uh... do I need to come down there?!? ;) It's wAAAy pretty and I hope you love it! We've just about worn out ours since my Mom's in love with making smoothies! I think we'll be copying you soon!!!

TheHeapsClan said...

HaHaHa Lyndi.... We just dont know where to put that darn lighter fluid!!! i have been tempted just to throw it out...but im such a packrat i cant bring myself to do it...i just KNOW i will need it someday.

as for the Blender....its on SALE at Kmart for $40...... great deal!!!