Monday, June 8, 2009

Poor Lil Peanut!!!

So Tanner's sweet baby Nephew was admitted
BACK to the hospital after his PKU tests came
back really high. His Jaundice was at a level
21 Sunday morning (normal level is at 10).
He may also have a possible bladder infection.
Poor lil peanut!
We went to visit them Sunday evening feeling
pretty bad about them having to be there. But
we were happy to find that after a day
of being under the Billi lights his Levels have
Dropped to 19.1!!! So they are dropping and hopefully
will continue to drop.
Please Keep them in your prayers!!!

Doesn't he just look so helpless laying under the lights?


LyndiLou said...

Ohhh... that just breaks my heart!!! I just want to hold him and snuggle him and tell him it's alright and that he's doing a great job being a baby!!! Wow!!! Good luck with everything!